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Belen R. Esposo a.k.a Shy Lhen


Wild flowers blooming, 
purple and red, butterflies flitting 
around the flower garden 
listening to the sound 
of another cricket
hummingbirds, and buzzing bees.
There's a treehouse nearby, the lagoon,
the home sweet home of fireflies and me
what a wonderful world until I ask myself:
"why was this paradise hidden?"

Still, the butterflies danced 
to the grassy, soft green 
and luscious flowers.
one afternoon, 
dark clouds appeared 
lightning sounded 
and thunder roared! and the rain 
started to pour! heavy and strong...
lightning struck sharply and it
kept going on and on. 
There boomed another thunder! 
and another lightning! 
striking once again,  
I was terrified and shivering 
under my quilt... 
missing my family and friends.
the storm seemed endless, 
and rain was endless.
My tears rolled out
the wind whispering;
"Mama! I wish you were here..."

Tonight I'll sleep with the roaring thunder
again, I remember the old days when you were still around 
You used to cuddle me up all night...
when this weather's forecast 
Now, I am just living with your memories  
to find peace of  mind, in uncomfortable times... 
while lying down in this darkened room of mine...

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