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Crystel Erika Guzman


—Translated by Allan Larona

Unable to get away from the confines of grief
Unable to go forth because of shackles
Unable to escape from the darkness full of fear
Unable to escape because you do not resist
You prefer to dwell there
Dwell in a room with only the light streaming from the window to see
With only pillows in your embrace, wet from the tears 
Tears full of pain, tears full of sorrow
Behind the sweet smile is turmoil hidden by laughter and screams
Exclaiming the words, “I’m done”
Behind your beautiful eyes is resentment as tears flowed.
My friend, you should not have pretensions all the time
You should not find solace in your pillow’s embrace all the time
Rage from your heart that you are having a hard time
Quit your disguise and show what you truly feel
Show your pain, show your hurt
Weep, and tell the world that you are tired.
Tell them that life is tough. 
Leave your pitch-dark room.
Open the door and see the light. 
Open the door and dispel the grief. 
Open your mind and think of the Mighty One. 
The world might forsake you, but He will remain with you. 
Get up and say: “I can still do it.”
By doing so, you will be set free— 
Free from troubles and fears. 
Hold on and say “What is depression when I have my God?”

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