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Cello Cabrera

Our Home

Our home is a place where land and sea
are as beautiful as can be.
But not for long,
and I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong.

Our sea life is at stake
Because of all the waste we make
Even marine life can see
how litter’s harming our oceans and seas.

Corals are getting bleached,
their colours are no longer a pretty peach.
Chemicals end up on the ocean floor,
It’s something we shouldn’t joke about anymore.

Up, up high, where the weather’s like ice,
the polar bears aren’t feeling that nice.
With fossil fuels being burnt every day,
the ice caps aren’t here to stay.

Farmers are having a hard time during drought.
This is a serious situation, no doubt.
So be wise with water, my friend.
There are farmers who need it more, so be fair.

Bushfires are raging in the land down under—
thick and heavy, and stronger than thunder.
Wildlife is suffering in pain.
All they want is a little rain.

Workers are cutting down so many trees
When trees are what we need to breathe.
People are building homes instead
to replace what is now dead.

Our home is dying in so many ways,
little by little, day by day.
But maybe we could stand up one last time
for our only home and land.

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