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Rolinda Espanola

Fixing, Here and Beyond

In front of me is a ruined view
A state of carelessness
Of not paying attention
Of not valuing what it means
To value a feeling, value a heart.
I scream desperately
I am hurt in this reality
I am disappointed
Here I am not knowing
What shall I do
Must fix the damage
This is the only thing that I know
Beyond this aching feeling
Is the determination of seeing
You as beautiful as the first time
That I saw you
Maybe if I can fix you
You’ll be more wonderful than
What you used to be
Here and beyond I learned
The art of trying
The intricate art of hope

The sensitive art of patience
That in order to fix the ruined you
I must let go of the disappointment first
Thinking beyond I can fix you
Here I am stitching hope one hole after another
Here I am slowly forming you again
In every prick the blood drips
A reminder that my heart aches
Here I am with stained hands and soiled heart

Yet beyond all of this, is the desire to mend a splendid dress
Beyond is a hope of success.

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