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McRhon Banderlipe I

A Volunteer’s Heart

Felt very restless
Sitting idly at home
When my countrymen…
The people who fuelled my passion
Are embroiled in the same global battle
With not much weapons 

But resilience and hope


That same resilience I have
To spare my time every day
Talking to strangers and who I’m writing 
People whose hearts are waiting for opportunities


To open up

From anonymity
To familiarity
One by one
These strangers became a pillar for my cause
Sharing the same deeper purpose

To give back
To console
To reassure everyone
That everything will be alright


The journey may still be long
But together

We celebrate little victories
We send virtual hugs
We find comfort with each other when someone falls
We rejoice when we welcome new warriors 

I have never been this confident of myself
And I know…

We have won…
and we will have…

One more day…

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