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A Given Grace
Our Events

Poetry On The Move Festival: Canberra Reading

Featuring Aaron Lee, D. S. Martin, Diane Glancy, Julie L. Moore, Kimberly K. Williams, Marjorie Maddox & Tina Kelley (Hosted by Eric Tinsay Valles & Desmond F. X. Kon)

POTM 2021 Given Grace Reading Group Pix.png
Singapore Writers Festival: Off The Cuff

Featuring Desmond F. X. Kon, Jennifer Anne Champion & Robert Yeo (Hosted by
Ow Yeong Wai Kit). Desmond reads his poem as an anthology preview in this panel
on poetry as memorable speech.
SWF 2021 Off The Cuff Screenshot.png
Catholic200SG Festival: Luminary Lit Exhibition

Editors Desmond F. X. Kon and Eric Tinsay Valles have their poetry collections selected
for the official literary extravaganza during the Catholic200SG Festival. A QR Code
displayed on the exhibit wall leads viewers to choice samplings of Christian
works penned by both editors. Featured too is the bulletin for A Given Grace, with a
clickable weblink to bring readers to this e-anthology.