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Rodrigo Dela Peña, Jr. 

September Notebook

morning laced with the rumble of garbage trucks

the haze a veil over hdb blocks


for company, drip of a leaky faucet


ikea clock ticking from moment to moment


a butterfly flaps its wings and dreams 
                       of being human: and in this dream i am someone 
                                                                           who sits and writes: eats 
                                               and shits and sleeps: dreams of being: 
           a butterfly: the words 
                                                           hardly matter in the dream: only 
there is a riddle: a dream within 
                                     a dream: a butterfly 
                                                                       in a garden: 
                                                                                               my hands: wings


hunger clears
             its throat to start
                         a familiar
                                    story: i stop
                                                it by wedging
                                                           a slice of bread
                                                                        in its mouth


and what of the day’s epistles of disasters in other countries: end

of season sales: suggested for you: people you may know: tips on how to be insanely

productive: i drift from link to clickbait link: swipe through stories that self-


destruct within 24 hours: days and nights unscrolling: as viral


videos: boomerangs of the self: mirrored on a camera: reverse


image: my eyes have become all mouth: feeding on what is given: a minute


has passed: a morning: a mourning: everything: nothing has happened: i can’t


tell what the shape of it actually is: it must be something: perhaps a web: a cloud

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