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Celebrating Over Fifty Years of Solidarity

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Migs Bravo Dutt 
Claire Betita de Guzman 
Aaron Lee Soon Yong
Eric Tinsay Valles

Chapter 1:
Same-Same, But Different
Personal Essay

Song of Two Cities [Lawrence Ypil]

The Happy Bridge [Gonaranao B. Musor] 


River Children [Paul Jerusalem]

Ode to my MRT Train Ride on a Sunday [Joanne Ongkeko]

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Chapter 2:
Singapore. Is it a Port or a Harbor?
Personal Essay

Of Coming and Going [Manuelita Contreras-Cabrera] 

Simple Musings [Adrienne Mae Huyo-a Perez]

The Power of a Massive Failure [Liza Baccay]  


Goodbye [Danton Remoto]

Extraordinary Woman [Rea Maac]

A Volunteer’s Heart [McRhon Banderlipe I]

He Called Me Mary [Jennifer Castillote]

Short Fiction

The Easiest Way to Solve a Problem

[Victor Fernando R. Ocampo]

Chapter 3: 
Technology Connects Us. To Each Other.          To the Past as Much as the Future. 

September Notebook [Rodrigo Dela Peña, Jr.]

PAGI [Ng Yi-Sheng]

Personal Essay

#25otm [Annabelle Fabia de Arroz] 

Notes from a Number One Fan [Windel Anne Lacson]

Pyramid [Sidd Perez]  

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Chapter 4: 
Of Third Cultures &
Second Mother Tongues 

Cover [Reinarethna Selvaraju]

Tongue Twister [Paul Jerusalem]

Ingat ka ha! [Reinarethna Selvaraju]

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Chapter 5: 
Sadness & Grief

Smiles of Sadness [Monica Walet] 

Depression [Crystel Erika Guzman]

Mama [Shy Lhen Esposo]

Lucky [Theophilus Kwek]

Personal Essay

Death Without Goodbye [Janelyn Vergara]

Chapter 6:
Homesickness & Nostalgia

The Trip [Georgette Yu]

Cooking Laing [Danton Remoto]

Poem About K [Desmond F. X. Kon]

Personal Essay

My Mee Siam Years [Ulric Vincenzo B. de Guzman]

Short Fiction

Harder Lives To Live [Noelle Q. de Jesus] 

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Chapter 7:
Places We Remember

By the Bay Gardens [Dinah Roma]
East Coast Beach [Jennifer Castillote]
In the Neighborhood [Marc Nair]
Metro Manila Commute [Marc Nair]
Remembering EDSA II (2001), Metro Manila [Heng Siok Tian]

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Chapter 8:
The One Home We All Share

Our Home [Cello Cabrera]
For The Garden-City, An Eternal Spring [Melvin Sico]
What Creeley Said, As Penitent [Desmond F. X. Kon]

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Chapter 9:
All We Need Is Love.
And Second Chances

I Do [Felix Cheong]
The Space Between Words is a Pause

[Catherine Candano]
Fixing, Here and Beyond [Rolinda Espanola]

Short Fiction

April in Singapore [Claire Betita de Guzman] 
Blind Date [Mia Corazon Aureus] 

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Chapter 10:
Pause for the Pandemic

The Day Dad Died [Pamela Wildheart Pilapil]
Salute [Eric Tinsay Valles]
Waiting Room [Aaron Lee Soon Yong]
Revising the Law of Distance [Migs Bravo Dutt]

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Squircle Line Press

A boutique literary press that likes to bask in the chill zone, surfacing works of art on a whim, random sails into the wild blue yonder.


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